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Enjoy yourselves. Take only what you need from it.

I once heard a French man in Mexico say that octopodes would become the dominant species on Earth after the demise of the human species. They are, he said, extremely intelligent, and they also posses eight arms –contrary to common belief, their appendixes are not tentacles, but actual arms. Octopodes will rule this world, he told a group of us –university professors–unless we stop using fossil fuels. Of course, everyone knows there’s not much a university professor can do about fossil fuels or anything else, so we paid him, he left, and that was the end of it. Octopodes are very intelligent.

They are also somewhat beautiful, and they taste good.

Ruthless as they are, humans have already started to figure out ways to interact with the possible new lords of the planet.

Sarah and OctopusSeventh Heaven

Sarah McSweeney



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  1. entonces esa niña no es lakshmi, si no la heredera de cthulhu...

  2. Cierto, cierto. Supongo que todo depende del cristal cultural con el que se mira, en este caso, el occidental.