viernes, 17 de julio de 2009

Mexican Chinese

Light does the trick.

Last night I went to Williamsburg to watch the first live performance of Numu, an Arts Collective that has just hit the scene in New York City. It was beautiful. Painting, sculpture, poetry, drawing, music, jewelry, bodies, heat, alcohol, all in a packed Williamsburg Music Center on Bedford Avenue: that and more was “Terpsichore: A Celebration of Art and Community”, Numu’s first event. I believe the night exceeded the organizers’ expectations; in spite of the lack of AC, people just kept coming, laughing, painting, writing –a collective mural and a collective poem were made during the night–, dancing, drinking, being inspired not only by Terpsichore herself, but by all nine muses.

My son drew a blue colored human being, with round eyes and a yellow bird flying over his head, on the collective mural.

En el Barrio Chino, es posible comprar un producto que se llama “Hard Ten Days”, con el fin mantener una erección perpetua, enfermarse de priapismo e ir a que le amputen a uno el pene para poder después decir que la operación de cambio de sexo fue inevitable, y no deseada.

También se puede comprar una casa del terror para celebrar la versión mexicana de Halloween, la “Noche de Brujas”. Witches wearing sombreros.

(Numu’s blog: Look for their group in Facebook as well)

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